Mike Trout continues breaking records, surpasses A-Rod

Just when you thought the reigning American League MVP couldn’t get any better he does. He just does something even more incredible than before.

That’s what happened Friday night when the Los Angeles Angels took on the Houston Astros. Mike Trout became the youngest player to accumulate both 100 stolen bases and 100 home runs.

He surpassed the previous record holder, Alex Rodriguez, but there wil never be questions surrounding Trout’s accomplishments. Even though A-Rod says he never took steroids while on the Seattle Mariners (to his credit he looked like a skinny kid back then) all his lies have made him impossible to believe.

Trout on the other hand is as squeaky clean as they come and relatively quiet, except for his on the field actions which speak louder than most anything he could do off the field, unlike his predecessor in this case.

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Mike Trout sets new record, passes A-Rod

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