AL Wild Card Rematch Preview: A’s at Royals

Friday will be the first time that the Oakland Athletics and the Kansas City Royals will meet since the dramatic back and forth, that was the 12-inning 2014 American League Wild Card playoff game. It will be a Wild Card rematch with a few differences.

Once again the two teams will meet at the Royals’ home Kauffman Stadium but this time Billy “Country Breakfast” Butler will not be playing in his home stadium, the stadium he played in his entire career.  The Royals did not pick up Billy Butler’s $12.5 million 2015 option leaving him fair game for other teams to sign. That team ended up being Oakland who signed Butler to a three-year $30 million contract.

While the Royals may appear to have the advantage with the bat, plus the fact that their record is 7-1 while the A’s is 5-5, that may not exactly be so. The A’s have scored the most runs in the major leagues (tied with the Boston Red Sox) with 56.

Country Breakfast has come through for Oakland with his nine-game hitting streak ending Wednesday night against the Houston Astros.** Correction!!**

There will also be some tremedous pitching matchups this weekend between the two teams … to learn more go to Baseball Hot Corner using the link below:

Series Preview: Wild Card Rematch – A’s at Royals

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**Correction: Butler hit in the game against the Astros and continued his hitting streak. He has now hit again tonight against the Royals, extending his streak to 11.**

  • Greg Stewart

    Of course you hate on the GIANTS. They are the BEST, while you and type of fan are my fave low life to cheer against. Happy being in that tolliet of a ballpark there miss BITCH.

    • Jen Rainwater

      Um, ok crazy person. I could have deleted your comments but I did not beccause they show what gnats “fans” are really made of. Not once in either place you posted (for those interested in reading more unprovoked insults try the “About the Author” page). I never once mention in this post anything about the gnats (I feel it is fair to call them that in this situation since you attacked me for no apparent reason ther Mr. “gstreet” – yeah that’s his email at I don’t know where you hatred is coming from. I’m allowed to like and not like any team I choose – it is sports. That is how it works. Personally I was raised on the better side of the bay and raised an A’s fan. I’m sorry you don’t like our stadium – then don’t go to it! We certainly do not want you there!) and three in five – that’s so cute that you are proud of that. You know that’s not really a dynasty don’t you? You have to be dominant for a significant period of time to be considered a dynasty but losing records in ’11 and ’13? Makes the gnats NOT dominant. Therefore no dynasty. Did you know that the Oakland A’s won three in three years? Then later won three straight American League Pennants sweeping your beloved gnats in the World Series? (Oh and we have more trophies than you not only in California but in the history of both teams. The A’s are third all time in WS wins). Those teams were both dominant and had no losing seasons in between. You can take your three in five and your strutting out the only mediocre Bumgarner who got lucky at the right time – on a HORSE and be an asshole to someone else. I never said a thing about your team nor about you. So congratulations, you’ve made yourself look like a complete and total ass. Good luck with that! 🙂

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