And the Texas Rangers’ curse continues …

Just when I thought I wouldn’t be writing yet another injury report regarding the Texas Rangers, tragedy struck again for the team. It struck more than once on Friday night actually.

As I have said in what is now a three part “series” on the curse of the Texas Rangers, also called by some the “Curse of Nolan Ryan,” – the Rangers are well, cursed. Honestly, if you can think of any other reason that these injuries keep occuring, please feel free to clue me in.

In the Rangers’ Friday game against the Houston Astros, starting pitcher and current ace of the Rangers’ staff (ace Yu Darvish is out for the season after undergoing Tommy John surgery) Derek Holland was taken out of the game after the first inning with tightness in his shoulder.

Holland did not look like himself during the first. His velocity was way down, with his fastball barely reaching 90 mph. It was painful for Holland and painful for his teammates to watch.

“I thought he was throwing changeups,” Elvis Andrus said.

It’s now been released that Holland is suffering from an injury not even surgery can fix. Holland was diagnosed with a strain of the subscapularis muscle in his left shoulder. The only treatment is rest.

So far that period of rest is set at a month but it could be longer. His shoulder will be reevaluated in a month’s time and if it’s not ready then the only solution is to wait another month putting Holland out of the rotation possibly until early July.

Besides Darvish being out the Rangers recently lost another starter in Nick Tepesch for about the next six weeks, leading the team to sign 36-year-old Wandy Rodriguez who had been in the Atlanta Braves camp but was cut. Now with Holland out as well there are serious holes in what was an already shaky rotation.

There are prospects Alex Gonzalez and Luke Jackson but the Rangers were hoping to give them a bit more time in Triple-A before bringing them up to the big leagues. Now they may not have a choice.

Friday night was not just about Derek Holland. Left fielder Ryan Rua was injured his right ankle and left the ballpark in a walking boot. He fis expected to be placed on the disabled list

But the injuries did not stop there. Right fielder Shin-Soo Choo left the game after two innings with back spasms and was reportedly still stiff after the game. Rangers manager Jeff Banister doesn’t think that Choo, who hasn’t had back issues before, will be out long and is as of now considered day to day.

Still, as you can see, the injuries for the Texas Rangers just keep coming for the second straight season. The injuries that just keep piling up for the Rangers just add fuel to my argument about there being a curse on the ballclub. 

I know there are not such things as curses or if there are then they are breakable, as the Boston Red Sox have proven more than once this century. Either way the Rangers need to figure out what really is happening in Arlington and if it’s really a curse then how to break it.

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