A Tweet, the A’s, socks and this blog ….

I wrote a different post earlier … so sorry if you saw it, I was a bit harsher than I needed to be! I think the Tweet I recieved speaks for itself! 

8621_10152999843235026_57424021_nI’m always going to be a fan of the Athletics franchise from Philadelphia to Kansas City to Oakland and (HOPEFULLY NEVER!!) beyond! But I’m really kind of disappointed in the way the organization took my idea AND my pose …

 … actually they took the two things I am passionate about (sports and socks) and used them for profit, which in a way is good! I want more people to attend games and if socks are a way to attract fans to the ballpark then I am very HAPPY about that!! 

But they could’ve at least asked me to tayke that picture of the socks, right? Or perhaps simply tagged me in the tweet/instagram pic? Help me get a little publicity too? And if they were really cool they’d give some of the profit from the tickets to a charity I support ….

1174509_10153224822865026_1526565958_nThe charity thing is probably asking too much! I just wouldn’t have minded some simple publicity. I would like more people to read my blog and my work on Baseball Hot Corner, so if you are reading this right now then THANK YOU! And please check out some of my other posts!! 

I appreciate every view I get on here … and for anyone who might be new to my blog – I don’t just talk about the Oakland A’s, I write about as much baseball news that I can so I do cover other teams …. the blog as stated above – just has a slight “Oakton twist” to it!! Thanks again for reading and if you feel so inclined you can follow me on my other accounts, you can even just follow my blog too!

cropped-cartoonme1-55203ef8v1_site_icon1.pngTHANK YOU!!! xx ~ Jen



  • Steve Sims

    I don’t think the A’s really get Facebook: Their page still likes the Rivercats but not the Nashville Sounds.

    They should do an Oakland A’s Socks Girl bobblehead as an apology. And one for the guy who dresses up as the letter A too.

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