Yasiel Puig shows off his arm with throw to third (VIDEO!)

I’m not the biggest Yasiel Puig fan but you can’t help admire his talent. I remember a couple years ago I wrote a piece for Sports Unbiased where Puig’s rookie card was sold for some absurd amount of money. If I’d been the person that bought it I’d have been slightly nervous during the last couple of years.

Puig has been labled “immature” almost to the point of being a “problem player” even though he’s displayed talent on the field. There have been discipline problems for his actions on and off the field.

However, this year the 24-year-old Cuban reported to camp a with a new attitude, a team oriented attitude. He’s been focusing on his skills and being a better teammate, He arrived at camp early and has behaved himself by being on time and not thinking just of himself but about the Los Angeles Dodgers as a whole. This is a fanastic step for Puig as a player and teammate. 

It makes him more desirable for other teams (not that the Dodgers would let him go – at least anytime soon!!) and thus makes the aforementioned card worth whatever insane price it was that the card’s owner paid. 

Puig has never disappointed on the field and Tuesday night against the San Diego Padres was no exception. Last season we saw former Oakland Athletic Yoenis Cespedes make a pair of killer throws down the left field line to home plate.

The main difference in the throws is that Cespedes doesn’t field the ball cleanly either time but the strength and accuracy of his arm is what should be looked at for the purposes of this post. Well, this throw by Puig is as good or better than Cespedes’ throw. It was so good I felt I HAD to put the video in a post!! So here you go! Check out Puig’s throw:

To see similar throws by the Detroit Tiger’s Yoenis Cepedes you can find them via the link below:

Yoenis Cespedes makes two unbelievable throws (videos!)

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