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Why it’s so easy to be a fan of Bartolo Colon (#TeamBartolo!)

Update: September 6, 2015 5:15 am PT

Originally this little blurb was written in April (as you’ll see below) but this season, Bartolo Colon has become even more likable around the Major Leagues and with both leagues’ fans. Whether it’s that he’s tied his career high in RBI (3) or his career-high seven hits this season or the fact that he is still getting guys out using basically just a fastball – you can’t deny that Colon is fun to watch and very likable.

The 42-year-old right-hander made New York Mets history Saturday as he became the oldest pitcher from the team to throw a complete game shut-out. It was also their first complete game shutout of the season (even with all their solid young pitching!).

He allowed 9 hits but didn’t walk a single batter, while striking out two as the Mets defeated the Miami Marlins by the score of 7-0. The Mets provided him with plenty of run support, though he didn’t need it.  He also extended his current scoreless innings streak to 25. 

Then in the sixth inning there was the play that some have said, “broke the internet.” I know, I watched it more than once and it seemed to be on everyone’s mind because well – it was all the rage on Twitter. In fact, his name is still trending this morning.

It was a play that showed off Colon’s athleticism – something he’s been showing off all season and something that many aren’t sure how he even still (or ever had?) has it. He hasn’t always shown it throughout his career but the Cy Young Award winner and three-time All-Star’s still got it at 42. The commentators even remarked that “this man may live forever” and more importantly “look at that smile.” I love that about him, his smile! He’s just always happy! Anyway, TAKE A LOOK! 🙂

So, I had to share this with y’all, being that he “broke the internet” and everything. He’s pretty incredible and of course likable! He’s not sporting his lowest ERA of all time this season (4.18) but he’s been an asset to the Mets at age 42 (he’s gone 13-11). The best of all?  Bartolo always appears to be having a good time. He clearly loves the game of baseball which is why so many baseball fans love him! #TeamBartolo! 

And I will leave you with some of the thousands of fun tweets I saw last night and this morning! You just gotta LOVE Bartolo!






Original Text: April 7, 2015 1:24 pm PT

Bartolo Colon (you likely know of him as he’s been around in the game for 18 seasons) isn’t your average everyday starting pitcher.

For one thing he’s well, I’ll just say it, kinda fat (which is one of the things I love about him but I’ll get to that). He doesn’t look like your typical baseball player.

He throws his fastball more than 90 percent of the time. I guess his second pitch is a change up? I’m not even sure because I can’t say I’ve ever seen him throw it. Most elite starting pitchers have at least three, if not more, above average pitches in their repetoire. Colon simply doesn’t and he doesn’t seem to need them.

Bartolo Colon. Thearon Henderson/Getty Images.
Bartolo Colon. Thearon Henderson/Getty Images.

He’s had an incredible 18 years in the league starting out with the Cleveland Indians, he also played with the Los Angeles Angels, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Oakland Athletics and New York Mets. Colon also happens to be one of, if not the last, active players to have played with the Montreal Expos.

Colon has won 15 or more games 8 times in his career. He won 21 games for the Angels in 2005 and took home the Cy Young Award.

A three time All-Star, Colon is well-liked almost everywhere he goes. When he was on the A’s I called him “my favorite happy fat man.” No matter how he pitched or what happened he always had a smile on his face and still said he would pitch everyday if he could. I adore players who just really love to play the game, hence my renewed sense of respect for Barry Zito.

Even though there was an incident involving testosterone while he was with Oakland that resulted in a 50-game suspension, I still love Colon. He came clean, gave a sincere apology, never tested dirty again and finshed the following season (2013) second in the American League in wins (18) and second in ERA (2.65) at the age of 40.

I wish he’d have stayed in Oakland. No one says a bad word about him unless they’re lovingly joking about his rotund physique.

What also makes him unique is that he’s about to turn 42 in May and he was named the Opening Day starter for the New York Mets in 2015.


 He became the Mets’ oldest opening day starter on Monday when he got the win over the World Series favorite Washington Nationals and their $210 million man Max Scherzer.

While Scherzer was backed by shoddy defense and did not allow any earned runs, the Mets won the game 3-1 and Colon pitched like the Cy Young Award winner that he is.

He pitched 6.0 innings, allowing three hits, one earned run, one walk and struck out eight batters. That’s impressive considering he’s about to turn 42.

Colon is a talented athlete (except when running the bases – seriously, look it up online, it is hilarious), a good teammate and a great person, mistakes and all.

When he was named Opening Day starter by manager Terry Collins, over Matt Harvey and 2014 National Leaue Rookie of the Year Jacob deGrom, many mocked him as well as Collins’ decision.

Brad Penner/USATODAY Sports
Matt Harey. Brad Penner/USATODAY Sports

The headline of the New York Post said “The Mets name Bartolo Colon – don’t laugh – to start Opening Day.”

Really classy, NYP, honestly how nice of you! As it turned out Monday, Terry Collins knew what he was doing handing the ball over to the optimistic, jolly veteran. He pitched well and the Mets won the game.

Bartolo Colon loves baseball, he just loves to play the game which is likely why he is still playing at 42 years old. Well, that plus the fact that he is still an effective pitcher on the mound and an asset to his team.

I’m just such a huge fan of his and if you take anything away from this post it would be to just give him a chance, don’t mock him so often and let his personality and actions on the field shine. If you do these things you will be unable to not like my “happy fat man,” #TeamBartolo!!

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