Bo Knows but Adam LaRoche’s kid doesn’t know Bo! (VIDEO!)

I LOVE THIS VIDEO! I saw it in a CBS article and couldn’t help myself – I had to go to and find it so I could put it on my blog. I’m sorry but kids today (especially if their parents are professional athletes) should know who Bo Jackson is!!

I’d guess you’d say, “well that’s easy for you to say because you grew up watching Bo Jackson and had a ‘Bo Knows’ shirt” (that’s all true) … so yeah maybe it is easy for me to say but I know if I had kids they would know at least a little bit of sports history and you can’t tell me that Bo Jackson isn’t a HUGE part of sports history. Not only that, he was a part of pop culture when the whole “Bo Knows” campaign was going on. He was EVERYWHERE!

He won the Heisman, went to both the MLB All-Star game and the NFL Pro-Bowl and was MVP of that All-Star game … crazy that kids today don’t even know who he is! I guess I am just getting hella old … either way, this video is great! Watching Bo Jackson explain who Bo Jackson is … um, yeah. Just watch it! LOL! Enjoy because BO KNOWS! 😀


    Wow this makes me feel old. He will always be the greatest athlete in history in my opinion. Great post Jen:)

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