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Opening Day Preview: Oakland Athletics


Last season the Oakland A’s held baseball’s best record for almost the entire first half of the regular season. Even after making big trades for pitchers Jeff Samardzija, Jason Hammel in early July and Jon Lester at the trade deadline, the A’s had one of the worst records in the second half.

Their offense collapsed completely and some of the younger pitchers in their rotation started to fade, some having never pitched a full season in the big leagues before.It was one of the worst and most complete collapses seen in years.
Over the offseason general manager Billy Beane reconstructed the team from top to bottom.

He traded away five of the team’s seven All-Stars from 2014, much to the dismay of many of the fans. However, he brought in some exciting, young new arms, filled the team’s obvious holes in the middle infield, he shook things up.

The new-look A’s actually look poised to make a run for the postseason once again, despite the dramatic changes to both the lineup and pitching staff.

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Opening Day Preview: Oakland Athletics

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