Will the Mets start the season with a fully right-handed bullpen?

Thursday it was reported that New York Mets‘ lefty reliever Josh Edgin would at the very least start the season on the disabled list with a stretched elbow ligament.

The decision on how to proceed was left up to Edgin, the lone left-hander in the Mets’ bullpen. Sunday it was announced that Edgin had decided to opt for Tommy John surgery instead of attempting to rehab his injured ligament, leaving the Mets without a left-hander in the bullpen.

So what is next for the Mets? Do they make a trade? Dillon Gee is an excellent candidate. Do they wait to see who becomes available as spring training winds down? Or will they go into the 2015 season with seven right-handers in their bullpen?

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Will the Mets start the season without a lefty in the ‘pen?

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