Pete Rose submits reinstatement request to Rob Manfred

According to Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred, Pete Rose has submitted to him a formal request that his lifetime ban from baseball be lifted.

Surprisingly Manfred, unlike his predecessors Fay Vincent and Bud Selig, has said he will consider it.

Manfred is currently making his rounds, visiting each team at their spring training facilities in Florida and Arizona. Apparently, questions about Rose’s reinstatement have been a common theme among the questions he has been asked by current players.

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Pete Rose submits petition for reinstatement

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  • I think he should at this point. There’s already so many changes being made. I just don’t agree with the steroid users. They destroyed hard earned records by cheating. I know he’s no saint, but it doesn’t compare to what they did.

    • Jen Rainwater

      Totally agree! Steroids are so much worse than what Rose did … while it wasn’t right he shouldn’t be kept out when guys like Barry Bonds and (as much as I HATE to say it!!!!) Mark McGwire are allowed to still be involved in the game and on the HOF ballot.

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