Rays’ rookie skipper Kevin Cash gets five-year deal

Kevin Cash has never managed a day in his life but the Tampa Bay Rays have a lot of confidence that he can and will manage the team like a seasoned pro.

CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman reported Thursday afternoon that the Rays had signed Cash to an unprecedented five-year deal.

Well, it’s an unprecedented deal for a rookie skipper. New managers are usually given two, maybe three years to prove their worth before getting signed to longer contracts.

Cash and his predecessor, the new manager of the Chicago Cubs, Joe Maddon now have the most job security of any managers in the league. That’s not to say they have the longest contracts though.

The Los Angeles Angels’ have manager Mike Scioscia under a ten-year contract, although he currently only has four-seasons remaining on it. The Cleveland Indians also have Terry Francona under contract through 2018 with team options for future seasons.

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Rookie manager Kevin Cash gets five-year deal from Rays

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