Nine Braves combine for no-hitter, don’t get the win

How the Atlanta Braves did not win a no-hitter was the question Sunday. Really though, how does a team not win when nine of their pitchers combine for ten no-hit innings?

Well, there are these little things called walks, of course, but let’s start with the no-no part.  Cody Martin started on short notice due to Mike Minor‘s sore shoulder. He gave way to veterans Jim Johnson and Josh Outman, who were then followed by minor leaguers and prospects: Brandon Cunniff, Ian Thomas, Mauricio Cabrera, Lucas Sims, Justin Jackson, and Jairo Heredia.

So how did the game end up in a 2-2 tie? The “tie” part can only happen in spring training and not the regular season but the scoring came in the form of some pitching that was way outside of the strike zone.

“It didn’t feel like [a no-hitter], because what did we end up walking, 11 or nine?” Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said. “I’ve never seen that. Only in Spring Training, you see weird stuff like that.”

Actually, the total number of walks was nine, plus a hit batter for good measure. The Braves led the game 1-0 until the seventh inning. Their first run came in the first inning when Jace Peterson lead-off with a single and later scored on a two-out double by A.J. Pierzynski.

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Nine Braves pitchers combine for no-no, don’t get the win

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  • Hey Jen:) Pretty crazy how something like this could happen. On a spring training game no less. Only baseball. Haven’t seen you in a little bit. Probably enjoying yourself in the real world. Glad to see you back in baseball stride. I also try to support you on both sights the best way I can. I don’t want you to see two of me in one day. Anyway, enough of me rambling now, talk to ya;)

    • Jen Rainwater

      Thank you for supporting my writing! I totally appreciate it!! You have no idea!! 🙂

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