Shouldn’t RHP Chris Young have a job by now?

Right-hander Chris Young was almost unanimously named the 2014 American League Comeback Player of the Year. At least he swept all three of the awards for A.L. Comeback Player of the Year being given the award by Major League Baseball,  the Sporting News and the award as voted on by his peers, he was the Player’s Choice Comeback Player of the Year.

Looking back at Young’s ten seasons, especially his 2014 season with the Seattle Mariners, it’s hard to see why he’s one of the very last free agents out there without a job now that spring training has officially begun.

Young went 12-9 with a 3.65 ERA in 2014 for the Mariners. Even CBS Sports’ insider Jon Heyman seems puzzled that Young is one of the last available free agents.

Teams have taken low-risk, high-reward chances on players who’ve had an even longer injury history than Young …. so what gives?

To find out more about Young’s career, his season with the Mariners and the reasons why he might not already have a job, use the link below to go to Baseball Hot Corner and read the rest of my post:

Why doesn’t right-hander Chris Young have a job?

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