Braves’ Melvin Upton Jr. out 8-12 weeks with foot injury

Atlanta Braves’ centerfielder, formerly known in the baseball world as B.J. Upton, recently decided to change the name he goes by on the field to his given name Melvin Upton Jr. When the change was announced many believed it was a way for Upton to start a new chapter in his career, but it was not.

Even though the change was not meant to be a way of reinventing himself, Upton did need some kind of change having hit just .208 last season and .184 in 2013. He is currently in the midst of a five-year $72.25 million contract and has been largely ineffective.

The name change was actually to honor his father who gave him his name, Melvin. Upton explained the name change saying,

“This has nothing to do with starting a new chapter. I just wanted to. My father thought enough to give me his name, so why not? It was the name that was given to me as a kid. So I felt I wanted to go by my real name.”

Whether or not he wanted a new chapter, in the minds of most fans and likely some players, he got one. However, unfortunately this new chapter has not gotten off to a good start for the centerfielder.

Braves’ manager Fredi Gonzalez noticed Upton favoring his left foot during batting practice on Thursday.

“I saw him limping around,” Gonzalez said.

Upton recieved treatment on Thursday and again on Friday morning. He was sent for x-rays on Friday afternoon.

According to the Braves’ Twitter account Upton will be in a cast for two weeks and won’t be able to play until at least mid-April.

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Braves’ Melvin Upton Jr.’s “New Chapter” is not off to a good start 

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