The 2015 comeback “kids”

As previously noted there is an influx of players who have been out of the game or even officially retired that are suddenly prepped to make their big comeback to the Major Leagues. I’ve written quite a few posts both here on BBST and on Baseball Hot Corner in regards to this phenonmenon.

Seriously when you see the list and the number of posts written, it’s almost like last year’s trend where seemingly almost every pitcher imaginable was in some stage of the Tommy John surgery process.

With the exception of the “signing Cuban players” trend, I’d say that older players hoping to make their big returns to the show might be the second biggest story of 2015. 

That’s why this post will continually be updated as there are new developments with each player on the list and will also include my original posts. So here we go:

*More to come because there are a number of players I haven’t had the chance to write about yet! So check back for updates on the guys above and news on other players attempting comebacks!

  • Hey, why not? I wish these guys luck

    • Jen Rainwater

      I do except Zito … and maybe Blanton. Both were IMO mediocre in their careers and it’s like you weren’t good then, you’re not likely to be any better now! But Mulder, Jones, D-Train … and there are more that I wish luck for sure!

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