MLB reliever John Axford is 17-24 in annual Oscar predictions

Each year, well for the last three years at least, MLB pitcher John Axford makes his predictions on who will take home Oscars for their cinamatic achievements and live Tweets during the awards ceremony.

The 31-year-old graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in film and television. He actually IS more qualified than most to make these predictions, which he did this in advance this year on The Players Tribune where he writes,

“Now, you’re probably asking: Is this dude qualified, or just lucky? Well, I graduated with BA in Film and Television from Notre Dame, and have been a sponsor of the Milwaukee Film Festival since 2011. I also know how to pronounce Alejandro G. Iñárritu with the appropriate Spanish flair.”

As it turns out Axford it was a good thing that he could pronounce Alejandro G. Inarritu, as he took home the Oscar for Best Director for the movie Birdman, something Axford correctly predicted this year along with 16 other Academy Award categories he accurately predicted.

After going 14-15 with his Oscar predictions in 2013 and a perfect 18-18 for last year’s Oscars. The Twitter community, that now uses the hashtag #OscarWithAxford, called for Axford to indulge them and predict a winner for all 24 Oscars.

For more on how he did with this year’s predictions and which categories he actually missed use the link below to read my full post on Baseball Hot Corner:

MLB pitcher John Axford is 17-24 … In Oscar Predictions

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