Dodgers sign Brandon Beachy: For depth or to make a trade?

On January 27, I reported on Baseball Hot Corner, that Brandon Beachy had made an agreement with a mystery team, but that accorinding to CBS5 Minneapolis reporter Darren Wolfson, that team was not the Minnesota Twins.

Whether or not the Los Angeles Dodgers were that mystery team, we’ll probably never know. What is known is that on Saturday the Dodgers announced that they had, in fact, signed Beachy to a one-year $2.75 million deal that includes a club option for 2016. The option could be worth up to between $3 million and $6 million depending upon how much Beachy actually pitches in 2015.

Beachy is currently coming off his second Tommy John surgery in three years and will likely start the season on the disabled list. Assuming Beachy returns to form, he has a a career 3.23 ERA with 9.2 K/9 and 2.9 BB/9, he would provide the Dodgers with pitching depth as well as a starter option for 2016.

Zack Greinke can opt out of his contract after this season and Beachy’s presence, if healthy, could provide the Dodgers with a way to trade Greinke and get something for him. If he opts out of his contract they’ll end up with nothing. Either way Beachy provides security for 2016.

For more on the Dodger’s ,now, six-man starting rotation and why they may have needed Beachy use the link below to go to Baseball Hot Corner:

Dodgers sign Brandon Beachy: For depth or a trade?

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