Yoan Moncada gives Yankees a 2nd look during private workout

The New York Yankees are serious about signing 19-year-old phenom Yoan Moncada. The team hosted the young Cuban infielder at George M. Steinbrenner Field for, what is now a not-so-secret, second workout on Wednesday afternoon according to the New York Post.

The Post had reported on Monday that the Yankees’ were not overly interested in the switch-hitter because of the $30 million dollar signing bonus that Moncada will likely command. For the Yankees, that would actually be a $60 million price tag because the team has already gone past the international spending limit for this signing period.

Exceeding the international spending limit imposes a 100% tax on any other international players signed by the club during this period, as well as limits them to spending no more than $300,000 on any international player during the next signing period which begins July 2, 2015.

These limits would also apply to the Los Angeles Dodgers, who by many have been considered the front runners for signing Moncada. It’s been rumored that they may be willing to go as high as $40 million to get Moncada.

The San Diego Padres and Boston Red Sox are other interested parties that were assumed to be ahead of the Yankees in the race to sign the Cuban youngster.

It appears that the Yankees are more sincere in their attempt to obtain Moncada’s services than many believed, especially now that they have shown enough interest to host him at their Tampa spring training facility for a second private workout.

Moncada’s agent David Hastings has made no secret of the fact that both he and Moncada would like to get a deal finalized prior to the beginning of spring training. The first round of pitchers and catchers reported to camp on Wednesday and position players will be reporting shortly.

For more on Moncada as where and how soon he could be a fit for New York, you can read the rest of my orginial post on Baseball Hot Corner via the link below:

Yankees host Yoan Moncada for a 2nd “secret” workout

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  • I don’t mind the Yankees picking him up. 19 years old? Plenty of time for him to grow.

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