A-Rod issues hand-written apology

In an interesting turn of events there will be no press conference in which New York Yankees’ third baseman Alex Rodriguez will issue the public apology required of his by his team for his use of performance enhancing drugs, his subsequent suspension and the litany of lies he told to attempt to cover his tracks and prove his innocence.

For the last few days the baseball world has speculated on when and where this public apology would take place. All that was known was that Yankee Stadium was a possible venue and that the apology had to come prior to February 20, the day the Yankees’ pitchers and catchers report to spring training.


The apology came Tuesday morning the day before the first teams’ pitchers and catchers are to report and it came in the form of a hand-written letter. A-Rod addressed the letter to the fans but also includes Major League Baseball, the Yankees and the Steinbrenner family and the MLB Players’ Association.

A-Rod cites that the reason he chose this method of delivering his apology, instead of doing so at Yankee Stadium was that the next time he appears at Yankee Stadium it should be to do his job.

He signed the letter simply with just his first name,

Sincerely, Alex

Does the hand-written letter let him escape directly having to answer to the press? It does. Yet, it also adds a tiny amount of sincerity and possible feel of truthfulness to what has been expected to be and will likely still be seen as an empty apology.

After all that Rodriguez has put the game through this letter will not exhonorate him but it may spare the Yankees some distraction during spring training and the rest of the 2015 baseball season.

The letter can be read on Baseball Hot Corner or  viewed in Rodriguez’s own hand-writing on MLB.com.

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  • I don’t accept his apology. I would be happier if we bought out his contract and said goodbye

    • Jen Rainwater

      It’s an awfully big amount of money to lose though! That’s the only reason they haven’t already done it! Isn’t something similar to $60 million over the next three years?!?! That’s nuts but what are they gonna do? They have money but that’s a lot to throw away! But I totally agree with you! A forced apology is stupid and empty! It would be nice if they could kick his ass to the curb! LOL! 🙂 Thanks for commenting Raul – always nice to hear from you! 😀

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