Barry Zito to the A’s?! Nooooooooooooo!

Only my team, only my team would be the ones stupid enough to give Barry Zito a chance. The Oakland Athletics have signed Zito to a minor league deal that comes with an invite to big league spring training.

I always say to have faith in our GM Billy Beane but this is simply unbelievable! This is my worst nightmare come to life! The only thing worse would be Daric Barton finding his way back into our system. If that happened along with this I’d literally drop dead. Seriously, DEAD.

It’s been well documented on my blog that I think Zito’s return is the stupidest thing in the world. See: Barry Zito should NOT comeback EVER, Yet another reason Barry Zito should NOT make  comeback and Astros owner Jim Crane does Zito a favor, makes a call. Two of the posts were even written back in November-December and have been updated and renamed since!

Mark Mulder, Barry Zito & Tim Hudson.  V.J. Lovero/Getty Images.
Mark Mulder, Barry Zito & Tim Hudson. V.J. Lovero/Getty Images.

I go over and over the reasons that Zito isn’t any good in those posts but here’s a quick rundown. The last time he had an ERA under 3.00 was in 2002. The last time he had an ERA under 4.00 was in 2006. His last All-Star appearance was also that season.

He’s inconsistent. Sometimes if he can throw the curveball for strikes then there’s a chance that the team can win the game but if he isn’t doing that in the first inning then you should know that the game is likely lost. I watched this happen for four seasons after he won the Cy Young. I’ve seen it up close and personal and I would like not to see that again.

I laughed my ass off when the San Francisco Giants signed him to that enormous contract, knowing that they obviously hadn’t been paying attention to the A’s for the previous four seasons – they just saw “Cy Young” and “All-Star” next to his name and went for it. How did that work out for them?

He had one good series, I believe it was the 2012 NLCS, but I may be wrong, while with San Francisco. He was a bust and he still is. His fastball is slower than ever topping out at 83 mph or so I have read.

Thank goodness, at least in my mind, the A’s have a surplus of good pitching. I doubt a 37-year-old who hasn’t been good since 2002, will actually make the club. I’ll say straight up that Drew Pomeranz, Jesse Chavez and although I have yet to see them pitch live – Sean Nolin, Kendall Graveman, Chris Bassitt and (insert any name here) are all better than Zito.

He has NO chance of making the rotation and the A’s bullpen is stacked with talent, even with Sean Doolittle out for a little while. Oh and then Jarrod Parker and A.J. Griffin will return. Granted we don’t know what they will or will not be able to do, however, even at their worst I will bet they are better than Barry Zito.

Barry Zito. Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images.
Barry Zito. Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images.

The crap part is that he actually could make the roster. We saw Daric Barton have a decent spring year after year and be put on the Opening Day roster year after year for I think eight years and he never lasted more than a month or so.

Finally the A’s are rid of Barton so what do they do? They go and sign his pitching equivalent to a minor league deal. I WAS excited for spring training in a couple weeks but this – this utter and total nonsense – has put quite a damper on things. Zito just hasn’t been any good since his Cy Young seasons. Seriously, check his stats if you don’t believe me. Just click on his name and you’ll go straight to

I still and will always trust in Billy Beane but I NEVER in my wildest imagination thought that the A’s would actually be stupid enough to sign him. I was leaving that up to the Houston Astros. But no, of course it would be the A’s who would do something this atrocious!

I just pray to the baseball gods that he has a terrible spring and does NOT make the Opening Day roster … I barely ever ask the baseball gods for anything so please hear me now! Zito has GOT TO GO!

  • Lmao! Hey at least it’s a minor league deal. Maybe a relief pitcher. I know how you feel about the guy, but he still might not make the roster. Crossing fingers lol

    • Jen Rainwater

      Keep ’em crossed for me! LOL! Thanks! 🙂

  • Erik

    Whoever wrote this is a Dumbass! This is a great move by the A’s. They are investing the same in Zito as this author’s IQ – Nothing. If he can’t pitch and they cut him they have paid him nothing and owe him nothing. If by chance he can pitch and makes the MLB roster he gets $1M and these days anyone on a MLB roster making $1M is a steal and great for a team’s overall payroll. Do I think he has anything left and will make the team? NO! But Zito is signing to a Minor League deal so he isn’t taking up a spot on the 40-man roster – he is just like the 19-year-old kid who will spend the season in A or AA ball – coming to camp with no expectations. FOR THE MONEY this is a great signing.

  • Jen Rainwater

    First of all I am NOT a dumbass. I agree that for the money it appears to be a low-risk, high-reward situation. And I agree that it is likely that he will make the opening day roster. However, you must not watch the Athletics much. I watched Zito decline for four years prior to his signing with San Francisco. He was inconsistent then and I don’t watch many Giants games but it seemed to go all downhill from there. If Zito isn’t throwing the curve for strikes in the first inning the game is likely over. I was nervous when he took the mound every time. The thing that bothers me is that he may just make the roster if he has even a decent spring! I say this because of the Daric Barton saga that lasted eight seasons. Barton, a good defensive first baseman who couldn’t hit shit – would have a decent spring, make the roster then suck it up for the first 2 months before FINALLY being sent down. It was horrendous to watch and starting pitchers have much more control over the game’s outcome than a first baseman who can’t hit for shit! So I have a very valid reason to be worried that if Zito has even a decent spring that they COULD actually put him on the roster. They NEVER learned with Barton … why should it be different?! A’s fans have reasons to worry that he could make the roster and screw up the first few months of the new season. I believe that my reasoning here is solid, making you the dumbass not me. Thanks for being an insulting ass … I totally appreciate that. There was no need for name calling in the first place. Especially when you don’t see to know much about the history of the A’s. A washed up 37-year-old could actually make the roster and that is a scary thought. If the A’s are smart he will not but they haven’t always been smart in the past. Like last season – Barton was put on he roster instead of Stephen Vogt who had a MUCH better spring and by the end of the season there were cheers of “I Believe In Stephen Vogt” resounding in the Coliseum … it just goes to show that their judgement isn’t always the best and that there is a reason to worry. So thanks again for the name calling and insults. That makes you look so super cool! Now, have a lovely rest of your day!! 🙂

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