Should Andy Pettitte’s number be retired?

The New York Yankees will never retire Alex Rodriguez‘s number. A-Rod will never make it to the Hall of Fame either, that is pretty much a fact, given the number of votes admitted (or not) steroid users have been getting on the Hall of Fame ballots.

This famous Yankee may never be inducted into the Hall of Fame, though his transgressions were minor in comparison to others, but on Sunday the world learned that the number 46 will be retired by the Yankees this year on August 23, prior to the Yankees game against the Cleveland Indians.

The information was originally leaked by the player’s son, who posted it on his Twitter account, however, a team source has confirmed that the information is in fact the truth.

Andy Pettitte. Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images.
Andy Pettitte. Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images.

For those of you who don’t know who number 46 was for the New York Yankees, his name is Andy Pettitte and he has more postseason wins then any pitcher in MLB history. He’s also admitted to using performance enhancing drugs.

So how and why are they retiring his number, you might ask. Well, for one he admitted the usage and two, it was while he was rehabbing an injury, not necessarily to perform better but to speed up his recovery.

Also, a point that needs to be made is that Pettitte was never linked to steroids. He took human growth hormone in 2002, which, at the time, was not against baseball rules (HGH was not prohibited in MLB until 2005) and his trainer at the time, Brian McNamee only admitted to giving him two to four injections total on just two occasions.

Then the question is still there. 

So should the Yankees retire Pettitte’s number? You can read the rest of my post on Baseball Hot Corner using the link below:

Number 46 to be retired by the Yankees, but should it be?

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  • Awesome! I think he deserves this honor

    • Jen Rainwater

      I happen to agree with you Raul! 🙂

  • Well, a couple issues. Taking HGH to recover from an injury DOES help you “perform better”, no matter what Yankees fans would have you believe. After all, not playing would certainly be a worse performance than playing, right? Or playing with a completely healed injury would increase your performance over playing with a mostly healed injury. So, it’s hard to imagine that Pettitte didn’t improve his performance.

    Second, HGH may not have been banned at the time, but it didn’t need to be. The Mitchell Report even mentioned, using HGH in that manner was illegal. MLB shouldn’t need to specifically ban something that was against the law to use.

    So, Pettitte admitted using an illegal drug to improve his performance. But, hey, let’s retire his number anyway.

    Maybe they’re retiring it in shame?

  • PED’s…debate ended

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