A-Rod to apologize to the public with Yankee Stadium as possible venue

Alex Rodriguez, who as everyone knows if coming off of a year-long suspension from baseball due to his usage of and lies about performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), is going to be making a public apology in the coming days before pitchers and catchers report to the Yankees camp on February 20. It may come sooner as the dates for other teams’ pitchers and catchers report to spring training begining on the 18th.

On Tuesday Rodriguez met with the New York Yankees executives and owners, in a meeting he initiated, to formally apologize for his behavior, his lies and the hostile nature in which he attempted to defend his own lies. Those defensive actions included suing Major League Baseball, the Yankees’ team doctor and questioning the Yankees’ integrity.

Part of what came out of that meeting was that A-Rod is to make an apology publicly to the press, and thus the rest of the world, prior to the start of spring training. The main reason being that the Yankees want to limit, as much as possible, the amount of distraction Rodriguez could potentially cause for the team.

Rodriguez is reportedly the one who is going to initiate the conversation with the press but no place or time for the press conference has been set, although it has been rumored that the Yankees have offered Yankee Stadium as possible venue.

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A-Rod to make public apology, possibly at Yankee Stadium

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