Manfred looking to alter the strike zone

Rob Manfred has, in the short time he’s been the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, expressed his desire to speed up the game and bolster offensive production.

Games have been lasting longer, reaching an all-time high in average length in 2014. Offense has been on the decline. According to Fangraphs, the number of runs scored during the regular season dipped below 19,000 for the first time since 1995.

Up until this point however the commissioner’s ideas for improving offensive production have been, well, not exactly practical. Banning the defensive shift, for example, makes about as much sense as adding a pitch clock to the game.

Actually it makes even less sense. The players would be somehow bound by imaginary lines on the field and who’s to say or even know if they had crossed them or not, without literally drawing lines on the field for defenders to remain in.

While the idea of making so many changes to the game leaves a sour taste in the mouths of many baseball fans, Commissioner Manfred’s latest idea makes a bit more sense. He would like to decrease the size of the strike zone.

Tell me what you think! Then read my full post about the newest plan to revive the offensive side of the game head to Baseball Hot Corner via the link below:

 MLB looking to alter the strike zone

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  • I really don’t think that we need to tinker with the game all that much. Baseball does need more offense, but I think that it will come naturally. The players and coaches must adapt and make it happen, not necessarily the commish. Baseball goes through phases, and I think we’re just in one now. I would love to see more ‘small ball’-bunts, steals, and STRATEGY of this great game. The runs will come, and the game would be more exciting, in my opinion. I enjoy seeing Miggy hit a bomb out of Comerica as much as any Tiger fan, but I would also enjoy seeing a suicide squeeze! Just my thoughts.

    • Jen Rainwater

      I couldnt agree more! Baseball goes through phases like anything else. This just happens to be one of elite pitchers. Changing something thats really worked so well for so long is stupid! But I do like the DH & instant replay! But not the idea of a clock of ANY KIND and Im not a fan of having Wild Card teams in the post season … makes me feel like the season really is a moot point. IMO. Thanks for your thoughts Mike! ~ Jen 🙂

  • Mark

    Can anybody remember Little League when the games were excruciatingly long… Why? Too many walks. Too many betters “taking” pitches… We have so many batters taking pitches now. Remember, the pitcher can take 1 minute for every pitch. Somebody help me.. Four pitches per batter and 5 batters per inning for 9 innings. Four to 5 minutes at every end on the inning. OMG.

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