Injury Updates: Matt Harvey and Prince Fielder

The teams couldn’t be anymore opposite. The Texas Rangers are in the American League. The New York Mets are in the National League. The Rangers are in the A.L. West while the Mets are in the N.L. East, making them polar opposites.

Prince Fielder. Getty Images.
Prince Fielder. Getty Images.

Of course there are many other differences between these two teams and their many players, all of whom are individuals either struggling or succeeding. One thing the two teams have in common are Matt Harvey and Prince Fielder.

That’s an odd comparison right there. How in the world am I linking a power-hitting first baseman and an All-Star starting pitcher together?

The answer is that they’ve both come off of pretty devestating injuries and both have said that they are ready to play not just in the regular season, but that they’re ready for spring training.

Read more about their injuries and recoveries in the rest of my post on Baseball Hot Corner:

Spring Injury Updates: Harvey and Fielder are ready to go

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