Andruw Jones to make comeback attempt

There has already been a rash of pitchers, Mark Mulder, Johan Santana, Dontrelle Willis and Joe Blanton to name a few, attempting to make a comeback out of retriement. Some haven’t officially retired but they’re coming back after missing multiple seasons in the big leagues

For those of you old enough to remember, our next comback kid hit two home runs for the Atlanta Braves, at the age of 19, in game one of the 1996 World Series against the New York Yankees. He won ten consecutive Gold Gloves as the Braves centerfielder among other accomplishments. Yes, I’m talking about Andruw Jones.

For more about Andruw Jones’ comeback attempt and what his agent, Scott Boras, has to say about it head over to Baseball Hot Corner via the link below:

The Year of the Comeback Continues: Andruw Jones?

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