Yasiel Puig arrested twice but Jayson Werth does time for same offense?

Alright, I know that it’s only five days in jail that Washington Nationals’ outfielder Jayson Werth has to do. That’s not a whole lot. He’ll be ok. Heck for all I know he’ll be in protective custody because he’s a celebrity of sorts.

Yes, I know he’s not a even a baseball celebrity like Derek Jeter but he’s a well known personality if you want to strip it down to the lowest point but Jayson Werth is more than that.

So why does he have to do jail time when Los Angeles Dodgers’ outfielder Yasiel Puig got caught doing the same thing TWICE with barely a consequence? It just doesn’t seem fair.

Again, I understand that there are different laws in different states and being that I’m a baseball writer and not a lawyer I don’t know the difference in those laws but I know that can’t be that different.

Yasiel Puig. Harry How/Getty Images.
Yasiel Puig. Harry How/Getty Images.

FInally, before I get to the actual facts, I don’t think Puig needed jail time either (I’d go on but I would be entering a political arena, one that doesn’t belong on a baseball blog so I will stop at that). I also know that since the incidents Puig has hired (wouldn’t we all be so lucky) his cousin to be his driver and that he’s given up driving completely.

That’s the responsible thing to do. As a person with epilepsy that is unable to be completely controlled with medication I know that not being able to drive isn’t a pleasant thing so I give him some credit for his decision.

What kills me here is that a guy like Jayson Werth has to do jail time for something so petty. Sure he’s a rich baseball player and a fine wouldn’t matter to him but sending him to jail and costing the state of Virginia money instead of making money? Just plain stupid in my book.

Puig was arrested twice within an eight month period. The first was in Tennesee and the second was in Florida.

In his first offense Puig was reportedly going 97 in a 50 mph zone AND driving without insurance. The charges were later dismissed because he convinced the judge that he’d done enough community services in the Los Angeles area to atone for his actions.

But isn’t that what most baseball players do? Things for charity and the community? Um, ok.

His second reckless driving offense charge in Florida was for going 110 in a 70 mph zone. These were also dropped due to a supposed lack of evidence and all he recieved was a speeding ticket.

Jayson Werth on the other hand was driving only 105 mph on a Virginia freeway – I say only as it was not 110 mph – but according to ESPN.com Virginia has been known to dole out short jail sentences for driving over 100 mph.

The chances are that Werth didn’t know that which doesn’t make it not, an extremely petty and pointless, crime. The taxpayers money pays for him to be in jail those five days and severity of the punishment to be somewhat silly in nature.

Why not punnish a millionaire by imposing the maximum fine instead? It brings in money for the state not helps them spend it!

And I’m sure five days in jail doesn’t feel silly to Werth but that is exactly what it is!

Jayson Werth. Getty Images.
Jayson Werth. Getty Images.

All in all, I feel bad for the guy. I do! Everyone speeds. Yasiel Puig did it twice and without insurance and his charges were dropped. What makes him more special and than Werth?

I certainly don’t see it with his prima donna attitude and acting out. While in the midst of his trial Werth still had enough concern to show up at the Nationals’ NatsFest to play video games with and sign autographs for his fans.

Bryce Harper didn’t even show up to NatsFest because of a dispute between him and the team over his contract.

So tell me, who deserves the strongest punnishment? In order I would go Puig, then Harper (his wasn’t illegal but it was a crappy thing to do to the fans that support him day in and day out) THEN Werth.

Yet Werth is the one that ends up with jail time. Well done, judicial system, well done.

  • Bart

    And when he kills someone behind the wheel because of his excessive speed, should that be his defense? “Your honor, cmon. Everyone speeds. I was “only” doing 105!” He definitely needed some jail time to wake his ass up (yes, Puig deserved worse).

    • Jen Rainwater

      I understand and see your point. I think my main point in writing this was because of the Puig incidents. I’m still not sure he needed jail time but that is just IMO. It’s not like he was drunk but he was definitely reckless!! Thanks for your input! I appreciate it! 🙂

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