Are retired pitchers starting a new trend in 2015?


*I know I’ve already written about a few of these players’ comeback attempts in more detail but Wednesday a new name was added to the list so ….. here’s a little slide show!

It looks like 2015 is already the year pitching comebacks or comeback attempts, at least. Whether or not the pitcher in question has been retired for years or out of baseball just a matter of months, it seems like more and more pitchers are trying to make their way back to the show. 

 Most are in their mid-late 30’s and have been out of the game for reasons ranging from injury to just straight ineffectiveness, a drop in velocity or loss of control. Either way, something has changed the mind of these four veterans who are attempting a comeback in 2015.

*If you have reached this post from the BBST homepage then to see the slideshow you need to click on the post title! Thanks!

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