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Why Geovany Soto should’ve gotten a Major League deal

Geovany Soto is a 32-year-old catcher, who honestly has never been that great at the plate but he’s been great behind it. Still it’s understandable that he hadn’t been signed until now. It’s late January and he’s not the most desirable player in the world.

Eric Hosmer & Geovany Soto. John Sleezer/Getty Images.
Eric Hosmer & Geovany Soto. John Sleezer/Getty Images.

However, he deserved better than the contract he signed Thursday with the Chicago White Sox. Soto signed a minor league deal with an invite to Major League spring training.

To read more about Soto, his career and defensive abilities as well as the events of the 2014 A.L. Wild Card Playoff game go to Baseball Hot Corner via the link below:

Geovany Soto: A case for a Major League deal

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