Starlin Castro has had enough of the trouble in the Dominican Republic

Chicago Cubs’ shortstop Starlin Castro was near gunfire incidents in which people were injured not once, but twice in December. One was at a concert and the other was an apparant “assassination attempt” on someone nearby. 

Castro was taken in and questioned by police both times in connection with the shootings. Castro insisted that he was in the wrong places at the wrong times. It seemed very coincidental that he was near two shootings in less than a month, but Castro was cleared of any involvement.

Still, when the second incident occurred, his coincidental proximity to both shootings, was reported here on BBST. I suggested that the 24-year-old shortstop,

“change his hangout spots or find some new friends.”

As it turns out Castro is a smart kid and he is doing just that. According to, Castro is relocating his family from the Dominican Republic to Arizona. A move the Cubs fully support, 

“He made a not insignificant step to move to Arizona and start his training early,” Cubs president Theo Epstein said. “I was proud of the way he responded to a difficult situation. I think he has to take some responsibility for the situation he found himself in, and I think he does.”

Starlin  Castro. Getty Images.
Starlin Castro. Getty Images.

Prior to the Cubs Fans’ Convention in Chicago, Castro had let his agent do the talking and it appeared that he wasn’t taking any responsibility for putting himself and his family in dangerous situations. Still he maintains that the incidents were just instances of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“In the wrong situation [at] the wrong time,” he said. “It’s tough because right now the problems follow me.”

This isn’t the first time that problems have surrounded Castro. He was accused of sexual assult in 2012 but no charges were ever filed. 

Despite his past and these most recent incidents the Cubs do not question Castro’s character. He responded to both incidents by making changes. 

In 2013, he began taking his offseason conditioning more seriously and made his third N.L. All-Star team in his five years in the big leagues with Chicago. Now he’s responding to these shooting by doing the right thing, putting himself and his family in a safer environment.

“Too many problems over there,” Castro said. “I have to move. I have to do something so I’m not involved in negative things. I’m not that kind of person.”

While the circumstances that have surrounded Castro in the recent and not so recent past, he’s responded to them by focusing on baseball and his family’s safety. The Cubs can’t really ask for more than that. It’s good to see Castro doing what’s necessary to stay away from trouble.

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