Giants DFA Marco Scutaro (seriously?! those bastards!)

*FYI – this is going to be a RANT because I may hate the gnats but Scut is one of the best guys in baseball so … I warned you! Here we go!

Ok, I get that Marco Scutaro played in just five games last year. I get that he is 39, almost 40, years old and I get that he has a really messed up back. He recently had surgery on his back that I wrote in an earlier post would likely end his career.

I also get that they needed a roster spot for Nori Aoki but come the f**k on! I’m sure they could’ve found some completely usless backup guy or ineffective pitcher to DFA before DFA-ing Scutaro!


So I understand all of that but with everything he did for the gnats in the playoffs … MVP of the NLCS in 2012 anyone?! And why is that?! Because Marco Scutaro is the most clutch player I’ve ever seen in this game (except for maybe Derek Jeter).

My question is: Couldn’t the gnats just let him retire? Go out on his own terms? How can they treat a great guy like Marco, who’s so super clutch and who they made not have won one of their three recent World Series without, with such disrespect?!

It had been their ONLY somewhat decent¬†quality in my eyes. The Oakland Athletics treated Scutaro like crap. He’d be super clutch – for example, he is one of only five players to hit a walk off home run off of the great Mariano Rivera – (you can find the 2007 video of his walk off homer by clicking HERE!)!

When he was with the Oakland A’s Scutaro would take over for the always injured Bobby Crosby, be clutch as h*ll and then as soon as Crosby would return he’d be shifted back into the background.

Where’s Crosby now? (the answer is out of baseball!) And Scut is an NLCS MVP for which I was even exicited, no matter how much I hate the gnats I could never in my life hate a guy like Marco.

And there ARE players who have gone to the enemy across the bay who are dead to me (Zito & Hudson are the top two – screw them!) – it’s not like Hudson even remotely helped them win the World Series this past season …. but I digress.

I think it’s bullsh*t and typically gnats to pull a stupid stunt like this. As I mentioned in the beginning – this was going to be and is a RANT! – Certainly NOT the typical type of post for BBST but sometimes you have to vent right?!

Marco Scutaro. Getty Images.
Marco Scutaro. Getty Images.

And I think that even though it appears that after his recent back surgery Scutaro, who is still planning on continuing rehab, will not be able to play baseball anymore – that was no reason for the gnats to DFA him.

In my opinion that is just another slap in the face to one of the greatest guys in the game … whether he returns or not, this was not a cool move by the gnats … I don’t even know why I’m surprised!! I REALLY HATE THEM!!

¬†AND I REALLY ADORE MARCO!!! SCTUARO!! (the chant is like Marco! Polo! and was invented by Oakland fans when he was playing in the East Bay, gnats fans may have tried to steal it but it came from baseball’s most creative fans …. A’s fans!! Just saying ….)

*Ok, I’m done ranting now. Sorry about that but it’s just infuriating to me to see Scutaro treated like he doesn’t even matter! Love you Marco! Scutaro!

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