Alex Rodriguez makes another smart decision

Alex Rodriguez may have a few decision making issues, and there’s that little lying problem too.

He first believed that denying using any performance enhancing drugs was the way to go, as if people weren’t going to find out.

He was caught in his lie in 2009 and 2013 but who knows what else he may have not told the truth about.

Well, all of his denials and appeals and lawsuits and lies, were all bad decisions. His latest awesome idea was to align himself with Barry Bonds. The two have been working out together in recent months and this is the latest great idea of A-Rod’s.

However he’s allowed his spokespeople to confirm this one, which to be honest is one he should have tried to deny and might even have gotten away with denying!

For a history of A-Rod’s best decision making use the link below to head over to my latest post on Baseball Hot Corner.

A-Rod’s latest smart decision

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