Top 10: Right fielders in baseball

Baseball Hot Corner continues it’s feature of looking at the top ten players at each position and it’s my turn to bring you my list of the top right fielders in the game today. Most of this list will be based strictly on the player’s 2014 statistics.

I am not excluding players who had a rough 2014 due to injuries, which is why some of their 2013 finishes and prior accomplishments may come into play. I used a similar stance with rookies who hadn’t played many games but showed immense potential.

Another difficult part in ranking right fielders is that a lot of them are able to move around the outfield, so I will be counting players who played at least 100 games and played at least 75 percent of them in right field. That might not seem like a high percentage but there are players who also fit well into the DH role and other outfield positions, yet are also still considered right fielders.

All the statistics used in this piece come from and particular statistics can be calculated differently depending on where you look, so if you saw something different elsewhere, now you know what stats factored into my decision making.

So, with the criteria I used kept in mind, it’s time to find out if your favorite player or team’s right fielder made it onto my list and where on the list they landed. Click through the slideshow and read on to find out.

You can find my slideshow using the link below:

Top 10: Right Fielders in Baseball

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