Randomly a word from Emmitt Smith ….

Quick Football Interlude (I do this very rarely but from time to time)

… a word from, well, me first and then a word from the NFL’s All-Time Rushing Leader – the GREAT EMMITT SMITH! …. 

For any of you who don’t know me or my story here is part of it: I was born in Texas and raised on football by my father (a life-long Texan) as a Dallas Cowboys fan. Yesterday the Cowboys lost on what would have been an unbelievable play and a what was probably a bad call by the officials (many people would debate me saying that but I only saw what I could see, I wasn’t there and I am not an official in the game).

My favorite Dallas team of all time, as many of you may know, is the 1990’s Dallas Cowboys. I was actually seven when Michael Irvin was drafted in 1988, eight when the love of my life Troy Aikman was drafted in 1989 and nine when Smith was drafted in 1990. I then watched them rise to be one of the best teams of all time – and I am not forgetting their huge (at the time) offensive line or their great defense!

Coach Tom Landry always said something to this effect – way before there was replay – “we have to play better than to put the game into the hands of the officials” (not an exact quote but close). Yesterday the Cowboys played a great game, after a great 2015 season …. and now a quick word from one off my heroes, Mr. Emmitt Smith,

I also must point out that Smith thought it was a bad call … #justsaying – LOL! 😉

Now I apologize for this momentary football interruption … back to baseball, the best sport in the world!

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