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In GM Billy Beane A’s fans should always trust

There’s a mantra in Oakland and most of the fanbase had given up on it this year, while few of us asked the naysayers for patience. That mantra is “In Billy We Trust.”

“In Billy We Trust” refers to the Oakland Athletics’ general manager Billy Beane. ┬áSince the 2014 July 31st trade deadline, Beane had been in the gutter with the majority of the Oakland fan base. They cried when he traded Yoenis Cespedes to the Boston Red Sox for ace left-hander Jon Lester. They were outraged when he traded away Josh Donaldson to the Toronto Blue Jays for third baseman Brett Lawrie and three prospects.

It was all down hill for “In Billy We Trust” once 2014 All-Stars Derek Norris, Brandon Moss and Jeff Samardzija were all traded to the San Diego Padres, Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox, respectively.

Billy Butler. Getty Images.
Billy Butler. Getty Images.

Still there were some who believed. Why would Beane sign designated hitter/first baseman Billy Butler to a three-year $30 million deal if he were just planning on tearing the team apart and rebuilding?

That was the first thing that didn’t make sense and, of course, there should have been the silent support that Billy had a plan based on his track record.

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In GM Billy Beane A’s fans should always trust

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  • Daniel Walton

    I just wrote you about one of your videos where you talked about the Lester deal. Having freaking Gomes as your clean up hitter (vs lefties)..my goodness. That was just bad and not well thought out. I wanted to also thank him for getting in Fuld’s way in the 12th inning

    The Moss/Wendle deal..I don’t get it (for now)

    I actually predicted they’d get Butler on one the mlbtraderumor contests.

    They assumed Donaldson had peaked, so they dealt him for Lawrie and more/less for a guy to replace Russell.

    The Zobrist deal was great. i love Jason..but when you’re a catcher who can’t play defense or hit lefties…that’s kind of a problem.

    The Clippard deal was even better.

    They probably could have got more for Shark, but whatever..I haven’t researched it too much.

    The Derek Norris one was very under appreciated. This guy (and Jed Lowrie not having much range). A lot of people were blaming Lester like he played all 9 positions on the field. When your defense is letting you down and when your catcher can’t throw out Jose Molina (I bet he couldn’t have)..what are you supposed to do?

    Vogt at catcher should be fine (IF he stays healthy). Yeah, cliche’ as hell. I know. Phegley looks decent also..but as long as they can play their position. If they hit a combined .180 with 7 homers. Fine! Just play your catcher and don’t allow 7 steals (which is more than the Royals had in all their other postseason games combined, btw)..that’d be great.

    The one guy that got kind of a raw deal was Blanks. This guy could freaking hit! Hopefully he doesn’t destroy us on the Rangers.

    As for the money spent. If you’re at least an above average major league player and you’ve been in the league 5-6 years..you’re going to get paid by someone..that’s just a fact. Beane didn’t make up the market…the other owners/gm’s and the fact this damn game doesn’t have a SALARY CAP does all that!

    Does anyone really think Butler (a dh) would get a 10 mill a year deal if everyone had a 90 mill to spend (per year). Hell no! and why does he get that much? Just look two lines up.

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