3 pieces of Black Sox memorbilia to be auctioned

Three of the last remaining items from one of the biggest scandals the baseball world has ever seen are going to be auctioned off by Goldin Auctions on Monday.

The scandal? Not A-Rod. Not Pete Rose. The 1919 Chicago White Sox also known as the Black Sox.

Eddie Cicotte. www.historicalforum.com
Eddie Cicotte. www.historicalforum.com

In case you’ve never heard the story (I’d rent the movie “Eight Men Out” – it’s probably my favorite baseball movie!) many of the 1919 Chicago White Sox were sick and tired of being poorly paid by owner Charlie Comiskey.

Approached by gamblers, eight of the White Sox players agreed to throw the World Series and get paid for it, supposedly much more than Comiskey was paying them,

To show that the fix was in fact on and the White Sox were going to throw the 1919 World Series, pitcher Eddie Cicotte, threw at the first batter he faced in Game one of the series.

Cicotte and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson famously confessed to the throwing the series but later recanted and were backed up by the others.

They all were later acquitted by the U.S. Surpreme Courts but they were banned from baseball for life by baseball’s first commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis. They were never reinstated and despite the many baseball accomplishments between them, they remained banned from the game and induction into the Hall of Fame.

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson. www.realclearsports.com
“Shoeless” Joe Jackson. www.realclearsports.com

They are the only players besides, of course, Pete Rose who was also banned for gambling, that have been banned for life and never reinstated.

Three items from that team, at least that are publicly known, will be auctioned on Monday. One is a baseball signed by six of the eight Black Sox, including “Shoeless” Joe Jackson who signed on the sweet spot. It’s expected to be sold for over $100,000.

The final paycheck that Eddie Cicotte recieved from Charlie Comiskey for $476.25 will be up for bidding, as well as, a ticket from that famous World Series game one.

The items will be up for bidding until the auction closes on February 7, 2015.

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