3 reasons you shouldn’t follow Curt Schilling on Twitter

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Curt Schilling. Jim Davis/Getty Images.
Curt Schilling. Jim Davis/Getty Images.

What can I say about Curt Schilling? I could say one thing or a lot of things. I could call him “clueless” to be nice, or an “idiot,” if I’m not being so nice. 

It’s just that he really doesn’t ever seem to know what he is talking about. And he talks … A LOT.

He talks on Twitter to 98.1K followers daily, he talks on th radio, he’ll talk to anyone who will listen. The thing is they shouldn’t be listening!

Here are three BIG reasons why you listening to Curt Schilling is worse for you than watching FOX News.

  • Clay

    Thanks for 4 good reasons to follow him. The 3 you gave and the 4th being your idiotic article.

    • Jen Rainwater

      If you can’t realize that Schilling might be the biggest moron since George W. Bush then I think you are the one with the intelligence problem.

    • Looks like Schilling/Riley Cooper will be the GOP ticket in 2016?

      • Jen Rainwater


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