Dan Haren wants to pitch out West, but we already knew that!

It’s official. Dan Haren, who we’ve known for weeks hasn’t been happy about being traded from the West Coast to the East Coast, has officially informed his new team the Miami Marlins that he doesn’t intend to pitch for them in 2015, reports MLB.com’s Joe Frisaro.

Haren has said in the past that he would rather retire from baseball and sacrifice the $10 million left on his contract than pitch on the East Coast, away from his friends and family in Southern California.

Dan Haren. Getty Images.
Dan Haren. Getty Images.

Even though the Los Angeles Dodgers are off the list, they were the ones that traded him, Haren wants to be traded to a team on the West Coast or at the very least one that holds spring training in Arizona, not Florida,

Apparently he is holding out hope for the Los Angeles Angels or the San Diego Padres to suddenly decide they want him. This is a highly unlikely scenario. If the Padres decide to go for another starting pitcher it will be Cole Hamels or even James Shields, not Dan Haren.

The Angels have a plethora of young talented pitchers in Tyler Skaggs, Garrett Richards and Matt Shoemaker to go along with C.J. Wilson and Jered Weaver. They seem pretty set.

When it comes to the Oakland Athletics, Haren’s already been there and done that. Plus, Oakland problem isn’t pitching, it more an infield hole that needs to be filled. If they’re going to pay someone $10 million for a single year it won’t be Haren.

The San Francisco Giants aren’t going to go for Haren as they announced just yesterday that they are happy with their rotation as is with Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain, Tim Hudson, Jake Peavy and Tim Lincecum.

Of course there are many other teams that hold camp in Arizona but, with California out, it looks likely that Haren will retire. However, Haren himself has not officially confirmed any retirement plans, this is just going off of his past statements.

He may have officially informed the Marlins that he doesn’t want to play on their team (although he should, they have made some really nice moves this offseason), but for the time being it’s still going to be a saga of yes, no, maybe so … at least for Haren because I think the rest of us are tired of hearing that he’s upset to make a guarenteed $10 million for living in Florida for a year. (Or is it just me?! LOL!)


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