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Happy Baseball Solstice!

The idea of the day between the last out of the World Series and the first pitch of spring training being a special day is not a new one to me.

I’ve recognized it in recent years but today it was brought to my attention that some refer to it as the Baseball Solistice. Being an athiest who celebrates the Summer/Winter Soltices as holidays I was even more drawn to the idea.

Of course the date of the Baseball Solstice moves depending on the length of each playoff series and the day the “schedule makers” (it IS someone’s job to do it, right? lol) decide will be the day to host the first games of spring training.

beautifulbaseballThis year it has fallen on another happy holiday! New Year’s Eve 2014 marks the Baseball Solstice and when we awake on New Year’s Day 2015 we will be on the downhill side of the off-season!

Pretty cool, right?! I mean how much better does it get than starting a new year fresh and knowing that the beginning of that year for your favorite team is officially right around the corner!

Here are some recommended ways for baseball fans to celebrate the Baseball Solstice, provided by Baseball Caps Blog:

“baseball fans spend a bit of time on the solstice reveling in the game: A game of snowball catch in northerly climes, perhaps, or a dash around the diamond if you’re in sunnier spaces. A call to a parent or uncle or friend who introduced you to the game works well any day, but especially so on the solstice.”

Or you could (like me) spend the whole day writing and thinking about baseball. I’d also recommend watching the 10 DVD Ken Burns Documentary on the History of Baseball or if you can’t handle 10 DVDs then maybe watch your favorite baseball movie or share your favorite baseball memory with other fans or younger fans.

If all else fails you can always dust your bobbleheads (I need to desperately) or better yet –  hug a Rally Gnome!

Happy Baseball Solstice 2014!

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