Cubs’ Starlin Castro: wrong place, wrong time AGAIN?!

UPDATE: 7:25 pm PT

Starlin Castro’s agent issued a statement regarding the shooting. Paul Kinzer insists,

“He wasn’t involved. He wasn’t arrested or detained. He voluntarily went into the police so they could know that he wasn’t involved,”

Wel that’s good to know. Castro also posted a picture on instagram of him at home with his son saying things were fine.

In my house chilling is not how people said

A photo posted by Starlin Castro (@starlincastro1324) on


However, it is still said to be the case that associates of Castro were involved which makes me stick to my original point, that he should find some new friends. Ones that will not put him in harm’s way.

Hopefully Castro will stay away from dangerous situations in the future. As of now all reports point to his associates, not him, being involved in this second shooting incident.

Original Text: 12:00 pm PT

It’s time that Starlin Castro either changes his hangout spots or gets some new friends to associate with.

For the second time this month the Chicago Cubs’ shortstop has been “connected” (I use the term loosely because I do not speak Spanish, nor have their been any official reports from the club) to a shooting.

Both occurred in the Dominican Republic. The first occurance happened while all of Major League Baseball’s executives were convened in San Diego for the winter meetings. Castro was at a concert where shots were fired and three people were injured.

One Dominican paper had Castro connected to the shooting and apparently rumors got so out of control that reports had Castro “firing a machine gun into a crowd.” Obviously that is ludicrous but it seems to be a bit of a coincidence that Castro’s name is suddenly connected with another shooting. This time six people were reported injured.

ESPN Deportes’ Enrique Rojas tweeted,

Castro’s agent, Paul Kinzer, explained the first instance away saying that Castro

“happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,”

That’s entirely true for all anyone, except Castro, knows or will ever know about the first shooting.

What is known about the second shooting is that Castro has definitely been questioned by the police, if not arrested.  According to Brett Taylor, at the Cubs’ blog Bleacher Nation, reports seem to indicate that

“that persons associated with Castro were involved.”

So, as previously stated maybe Castro should get some new friends because no one is suspected of being involved in two shootings in their lifetimes, let alone two in a single month.

Still, we should be cautious until an official statement from the Cubs is made, and not start any outlandish rumors. That said, there appears to be a connection between Castro, his associates and this second shooting.

  • When the Cubs appear to be on the verge, the curse strikes back.

    • Jen Rainwater

      Very interesting way to think about it! But so true! At least they have Addison Russell ready and waiting if anything were to happen (at least at SS).

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