Yet another sign Barry Zito should NOT comeback to baseball

I already wrote a post on the many, many reasons, in my opinion, that Barry Zito should absolutely not attempt to comeback to baseball but then I saw this picture:

Barry  Zito.
Barry Zito.

Ok, the guy used to have his head on relatively straight but it was always kind of in the clouds. As a member of the Oakland Athletics he was the type who’s into Buddhism, nature, surfing and yoga. I can’t say for sure that he was into any of those things except for surfing but that was the attitude he put forward to the public.

After joining the San Francisco Giants he grew up, got married, became a Christian, all things he said in his farewell speech on the day of his last start for the Giants.

There’s nothing wrong with growing up and changing your ideas of the world but then I saw this picture. I don’t care how much of a joke it may have been meant to be (at least I hope this was supposed to be a joke), it’s ridiculously not funny.

Zito should be trying to put himself out there as a guy who is taking things seriously and making a sincere, earnest attempt at improving his pitching. This picture, well I’m not even sure what it shows.

It either shows a man who is just too all about how awesomely cool he is and that he values silly things (like that ring and the chains) or it could be showing a man who still takes life lightly.

When you are in the public eye (and Zito barely is anymore) you shouldn’t put out pictures, no matter how much of a joke, that make you look impossibly stupid, especially if you want people to take you seriously.

He would have been way better off leaking nude photos of him and his wife. Then he could at least pretend to be outraged at the invasion of privacy. That would have been a better plan.

Zito’s agent, the infamous Scott Boras, says that Zito plans to begin working out for teams in January and that he is taking his potential comeback very seriously. About that we will have to see.

“He’s been working hard on his mechanics,” Boras said. “He doesn’t cup the ball anymore. His drive to home plate is a little bit different than it was. He has some new mechanical evolutions he’s been working on to really advance what he thinks will be effective.”

The first four years of the soon to be 37-year-old left-handers career were great but they were the only years that he kept his ERA under 3.50. During the next eight seasons of his career he finished the season with an ERA of under 4.00 just twice. His average ERA during those eight seasons? 4.41.

I am going to stop giving reasons when you can just read them on my post, Barry Zito should NOT make a comeback, EVER.

However I will say that A’s fans knew, when he signed that gigantic contract with the Giants after the 2006 season, that he was so inconsistent that in each game he started you would never know which Zito you were going to get: the lights-out Zito or the “we are down by five runs and it’s only the first inning” Zito.

Let’s face it, if he isn’t throwing his curveball for strikes during the first inning then it is inevitably all down hill from there. Sad but true. I’ve seen it one too many times.

Mark Mulder. Getty Images.
Mark Mulder. Getty Images.

When the Giants didn’t pick up his option for 2014, Zito just decided to take a year off. That too seems odd for someone who wants to make a comeback.

He already needed to make a comeback, he didn’t need to take a year off to do that.

I don’t think it’s a good idea for him but that’s just my opinion. He could end up doing well and being named Comeback Player of the Year or he could, even with a spring training invite like his old teammate Mark Mulder got with the Los Angeles Angels last season, not even make a team.

In my mind, I’d say “Bow out now, Barry. Take your millions and go surfing. Don’t embarass yourself anymore.” Still that’s only my opinion.

Zito seems to want to comeback and I can’t stop him. But I would recommend that he did not (I mean look at that picture … eeek!).

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