UPDATE: Another big trade on the horizon for A’s

Update: November 30, 2014 7:15 am PT

When I first started this post it appeared there would be another big deal made by the Athletics who are said to be looking at Atlanta’s Justin Upton and Evan Gattis, possibly in exchange for pitcher Jeff Samardzija.

Now it appears there could be more than one big trade in the A’s future although both of them are said to involve Samardzija which is impossible however it doesn’t mean that the A’s couldn’t become involved in multiple deals just featuring a different kind of “bait” than the “Shark.”

The A’s are interested in some White Sox players as well as possibly some players in the Red Sox organization.

Nick Carfardo writes in Sunday’s Boston Globe that the Red Sox are very interested in making a trade with the Oakland A’s for Samardzija saying, 

“Jeff Samardzija, RHP, Athletics — Numerous teams are trying to obtain the righthander, including the Red Sox, according to a team source. Samardzija is 29 and can become a free agent in 2016. GM Billy Beane is fielding offers as he is in a trade frenzy trying to re-create his contending team. The Red Sox have all the pieces Beane would want, including young pitching and middle infielders.”

He is exactly right about what Beane would want/need in return for Samardzija but there have been said to be up to ten teams inquiring about the tall right-hander. We now know of just two, both of the Sox persuasion. 

UPDATE: November 29, 2014 5:15 pm PT

 Still talking about the White Sox but nothing is obviously looming. People are talking about Alexei Ramirez as a potential target to fill the A’s hole at shortstop.

However, Susan Slusser reports that there are other players on the White Sox and within their organization that may be part of any potential trade.

Tim Anderson is a minor league shortstop that according to Slusser “Oakland likes a lot.” He only played 10 games in Double-A last year so he isn’t exactly ready for the show, but closer to being ready than Barreto who was acquired in the Donaldson trade. Also utility infielder Marcus Semien‘s  name was in the conversation.

Semien is a Cal alum which is always a good thing for East Bay fans. Anderson was a first round pick in 2013 and is currently ranked the White Sox’s number two prospect. 

Jeff Samardzija. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Jeff Samardzija. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It would probably take more than just Samardzija to get a number two prospect, however. If Samardzija would be willing to sign a contract extension (and I have no idea if that’s even been discussed) then the White Sox might be willing to make a trade there.

Other names that have been thrown around too. Cliff Pennington from Arizona is an option. Slusser writes that Pennington was “more of a team leader in 2012 than most realize.” In my opinion that would NOT be a bad thing to have back. Except he’s never really shown the offensive potential that the A’s need.

(From a fan’s perspective that could be HUGE. 2012 was one of my favorite years since I became a fan at age four in 1985!)

There’s of course Stephen Drew who would be fine is fine but given his numbers last season, not promising.

Or the internal option is Andy Parrino who plays above average defense but wouldn’t help the A’s much offensively.

Still everyone online is talking Samardzija, be it Braves, A’s or White Sox fans/reporters – everyone. 

Just watch it will end up being anyone but the teams that people are talking about … rumors are just rumors. You never know.

Come on Billy … we are still waiting!

UPDATE: November 29, 2014 10:45 am PT

From what i’ve heard and read it appears that the White Sox are one of ten teams that have been looking into Samardzija. However, he is apparently not available according to reports. Still it appears that the A’s are talking to the White Sox.

That said, Donaldson was supposedly off limits so no one ever really knows what deals Billy can and will make happen. Alexei Ramirez would be a nice prize for Samardzija but for now we are still in the dark.

Typical Oakland routine … if your an Oakland fan and don’t get this all by now then maybe you should go be a giants fan or pick another team! 

That sounds harsh but It’s been this way for almost two decades, just like they have been talking about moving the team since 2001 and that is not even close to happening … just goes to show that we know nothing.

If you want to be an A’s fan PLEASE (I’m begging here!) Learn to say goodbye and embrace the new! 

Original Text: November 29, 2014 7:00 am PT

The Oakland A’s dealt their most productive and some would say best player to the Toronto Blue Jays Friday night for third baseman Brett Lawrie, LHP Sean Nolin and two others. Today rumors are circulating that there is another big trade on the horizon with the Atlanta Braves.

Many sources have already reported (this was originally reported by John Hickey of the Bay Area News Group) that it may involve the A’s getting outfielder Justin Upton and catcher Evan Gattis.

Hickey also notes that it may cost Oakland starter RHP Jeff Samardzija. Although a trade with those three players makes little sense on both sides.

Oakland just signed Billy Butler for three years to provide the right handed power that Upton would provide. The team already has three catchers in Derek Norris, John Jaso and Stephen Vogt so again it seems like a bad fit.

Both Atlanta and Oakland would each be getting a player whose contract is up at the end of 2015 in Samardzija and Upton so that makes the rumor even more suspicious,

Of course just because a player’s name is mentioned doesn’t mean that other players (Josh Reddick, Brandon Moss, John Jaso to name a few Fox Sports’ reported Friday that the A’s are looking to move a lefty bat) are not involved or other teams for that matter. There could easily be another team (or two!) involved as well.

For now, that is all we know. Stay with BBST as this story develops!


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