5 MLB teams that may be in the postseason mix in 2015

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**I wrote this in early September – if I could choose now, I think that I would put the New York Mets as opposed to the Tampa Bay Rays given all the changes with the Rays and the Mets’ pitching with Matt Harvey back in 2015 – unless Raul Ibanez gets to manage the Rays, I’d bet on them then! 🙂 **
Chicago Cubs. David Banks/Getty Images.
Chicago Cubs. David Banks/Getty Images.

There are quite a few teams that are not even close to a postseason berth right now, however, there some of those teams may be in the mix next for a trip to the playoffs in 2015.

Some teams, especially the Texas Rangers, have been completely and utterly decimated by injury.

While teams like the Chicago Cubs have an immense amount of young, up and coming talent that is on display right now and will have much needed experience under their belts when the 2015 season rolls around.

Whereas other teams such as the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Tampa Bay Rays. While they have had their fair share of injuries, neither team just did not perform to their expected potential in 2014 but they still have the opportunity to turn it around next season.

Getty Images

Then there are the Houston Astros who are in a class by themselves. They’re terrible yet they have talent. Jose Altuve has the best batting average in the league and Chris Carter is rivaling the Baltimore Orioles’ Nelson Cruz for the American League home run crown. 

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