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San Francisco Giants’ post-Panda shopping list not short

The San Francisco Giants lost one of their most popular players officially on Tuesday when the Boston Red Sox introduced Pablo Sandoval as the newest member of their ballclub.

Pablo Sandoval. Getty Images.
Pablo Sandoval. Getty Images.

There are many rumors as to why the Giants, who reportedly put forward the same bid as the Boston, lost the Panda sweepstakes ranging from Sandoval feeling disrespected in some way by San Francisco, according to HardBallTalk to Sandoval wanting to explore the designated hitter position and everything inbetween.

We may never know. The Giants may know and will never say or maybe they’ll always be baffled as well. Yet, while the fans may not have moved on yet but the Giants organization certainly have.

They offered Panda around $100 million which gives them that much more to spend now.

They’ve been heavily linked to the Cuban slugger Yasmany Tomas for awhile now. However, within the last 48 hours they’ve been linked to some big name and very expensive free agents, namely Max Scherzer and Jon Lester.

While Lester has had a plethora of suitors the Giants are only the second team to be connected to Max Scherzer.

The Giants have reached out to players that could fill some of the pieces that went with Panda to Boston. Sandoval, a career .294 hitter, leaves open more than just the hot corner.

Justin Upton. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images.
Justin Upton. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images.

According to CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman they’ve already reached out to Atlanta Braves regarding a possible trade for outfielder Justin Upton. The team has already been initiating talks with FA outfielders like Nelson Cruz, Jay Brucem Tomas, Nick Markakis and Torii Hunter.

Thirdbaseman are hard to come by this year besides Sandoval but they’ve even reached out to Chase Headley who the New York Yankees have been hoping to re-sign for the 2015 season.

They’ve cast their net so far as to begin looking at second level pitchers like Justin Masterson, Jake Peavy and reliever Sergio Romo.

The Giants are not done yet and as we have seen in the past they have pulled off some surprising blockbusters such as signing Barry Zito to a seven-year, $126 million contract in 2006.

We will have to wait and see but it appears that San Francisco is going for it after losing their beloved Panda.

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