Derek Jeter and President Obama play golf in Las Vegas

Two of the nation’s most famous men (and two of my favorite people in the world!!), retired New York Yankees’ Captain Derek Jeter and President Obama, had a leisurely day together, playing golf on Saturday at the exclusive Shadow Creek course in Las Vegas.

Former NBA Star and sports legend Michael Jordan, has also played golf with the President. He’s been known to say that he wasn’t too impressed with Obama’s golf skills.

Derek Jeter & President Obama in 2009. Getty Images.
Derek Jeter & President Obama in 2009. Getty Images.

However, apparently Jeter’s is not any better, infact, he has a handicap of 30 while Obama’s is much better at 17. 

The two must have really enjoyed themselves because after their first round the pair decided to play another nine holes.

Jeter and Obama had previously met on more than one occasion but each encounted was official and baseball related, for example the two were first introduced at the 2009 All-Star game.

This time it appeared that they got a chance to know eachother a little more personally and seemed to hit it off well!

Personally, I’m not surprised! They are two of my favorite men in the entire world!! I met Jeter on the field at the O.Co Coliseum in Oakland a few years back. I have an autograph from the encounter, but unfortunately didn’t snap a picture.

I’m very privaledged, already having had the honor of meeting the amazing and wonderful President Obama whose campaign I worked on from 2006-2008 as the communications coordinator or my Congressional District.

President Obama and me. Michael Maloney/SF Chronicle.
President Obama and me. AP photo.

When Obama made one of his many trips to San Francisco I was able to meet and later hug the President. Lucky for me a local photographer snapped a shot of it and passed it along to the local papers.

At the time I was writing for one of them. It was cool but also slightly uncomfortable when I walked into work the next day and my picture with the President was on all the monitors! LOL!

It was a true honor to meet both the President and the Captain. Still, I wish I had been as cool as David Ortiz and snapped a selfie with each! 🙂

And I’ll leave y’all with the video because it’s so beautiful and it makes me tear up everytime! 

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