ESPN suspends Keith Law for being right?

How did I miss the news of Curt Schilling getting his PhD and becoming a scientist but I managed to catch the news that Lance Berkman was returning to Rice full-time to finish his education? 

It appears that ESPN suspended baseball analyst Keith Law for defending the facts – oh I mean “theory” – of Evolution. Oh I meant to mention that the suspension is from Twitter.

Still, it makes one think, “Does this mean ESPN is against the “theory” of Evolution?”

It leads me to believe that the people running the network may be. The entire incident began because he called out co-worker and former pitcher Curt Schilling on Twitter, which is the “reason for the suspension but doesn’t it take two to fight?

Curt Schilling. ESPN2.
Curt Schilling. ESPN2.

Schilling tweeted out a video where he maintains he “dubunked” (you WANT to click the link – after you have finished reading of course!) Evolution. Law responded in what I consider an actually polite manner. It could have been much worse.

First of all sayng you “debunked” Evolition is completely absurd. Last time I checked Mr. Schilling was a former big league pitcher not a scientist.

How could I miss news of Schilling getting his PhD but I caught the news that Lance Berkman was returning to Rice full-time to finish his education? 

There is scientific proof of evolution. Do creationists have proof of their story about the ark with animals or immaculate conception? SMH.

So what did Law do wrong? He got into an argument with a colleague who was obviously spreading misinformation to the masses, many of whom may actually believe him because he pitched in the World Series with a bloody sock?

Keith Law was providing a very valuable public service in stopping (or at least attempting to stop) Schilling from helping to dumb down the masses!

The Twitter interaction went down on November 12th and Law was suspended from Twitter on Wednesday. Deadspin, who first broke the story, reports that a source tells them he will be able to return to Twitter on Monday.

I’m honestly shocked that Schilling was not suspended. And not even because he is clueless  but because he tweeted this:

I’m not EVEN going to comment on what I think about this statement because then things could get nasty and we will be here all day. Plus, ESPN might try and suspend me from my own blog!

ESPN’s only public comment on the subject,

“Keith’s Twitter suspension had absolutely nothing to do with his opinions on the subject.”

Something tells me there might be a little more to it than that because the exchange between the two wasn’t too derogatory towards Schilling, Law could have been much worse. Plus, isn’t Schilling the one embarrassing the network in the first place?

Here are some of the tweets between the two and you can decide what you think. As for me it’s pretty obvious that this suspension (even if it is only a Twitter suspension!) is completely unfair.

I’m with Law. It’s 2014, scientific facts tells us that there was infact EVOLUTION. This kind of ignorance terrifies me!

Even if there weren’t fossils and such to be used as scientific evidence,  should it matter what Law says on his personal Twitter account? It’s not like he used the @ESPN Twitter account!


Obviously the suspension is cloaked in the idea that Law “disrespected” a colleague but this makes it quite obvious the way in which ESPN leans and which analyst they care more about, doesn’t it?

Believe in SCIENCE!!

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