Zimmermann thanks Souza with Best Buy gift card?!

This entire situation is too strange to end with a Best Buy gift card. It is! In a time when NFL quarterbacks give their entire offensive line new cars, Jordan Zimmermann gave Steven Souza Jr. a gift card for saving his first career no-hitter and the first no-hitter in Washington Nationals history.

Steven Souza Jr. Getty Images.
Steven Souza Jr. Getty Images.

Of course the amount on the gift card was not disclosed to the public so it could have been a million dollars for all we know but the whole card thing is just plain funny.

That is especially true if you can remember the tense scene at Nationals’ Park in Washington D.C. on the final day of the 2014 MLB regular season. 

28-year-old right-hander Jordan Zimmermann was on the verge of pitching a no-hitter against the Miami Marlins and starting pitcher Henderson Alvarez.

And maybe I am weird, I don’t know, but I think part of what made this so bizzare is that Alvarez pitched a no-hitter in game 162 in 2013. No, he wasn’t playing the Nationals, it was the Detroit Tigers, that would have just been too much weirdness for me.

Although, Alvarez pitched a gem the day of Zimmermann’s no-no. The only offense the Nats could provide for Zimmermann was a solo shot off the bat of Ian Desmond. Alvarez and A.J. Ramos combined to allow 11 hits and just the one run.

Steven Souza Jr. Getty Images.
Steven Souza Jr. Getty Images.

Back to the top of the ninth inning at Nationals’ Park. Stephen Souza Jr. has just entered the game to replace left fielder Ryan Zimmerman (I bet the other Zimmermann didn’t even notice, at first).

With two outs the Marlins’ Christian Yelich came to the plate and on a 2-1 pitch, hit a fly ball that appeared as though it was going to drop in deep left center, perhaps even bounce off the wall.

Nationals’ centerfielder Michael Taylor had no chance and Souza suddenly entered the picture and made an incredible diving grab that ended the game and kept Zimmermann’s no-hitter intact.

Everyone finally took a breath and then it was time for Washington to celebrate the end of their 2014 season with a no-hitter at Nationals Park and the knowledge that the had a spot waiting for them in the postseason.

Jordan Zimmermann. Getty Images.
Jordan Zimmermann. Getty Images.

Good times and even stranger coincidences right? It was a great game. I was glad I got to watch part of it, obviously I saw the ending. 

With social media the news of a no-hitter into say the 5th catches like a wild fire among the baseball faithful. Next thing you know you’re not even watching your own team’s game anymore but the no-hitter rooting either for or against the pitcher.

Oh, wait, am I the only one who does that? The rooting for or against? I guess I can just be mean like that (like when it concerns the gnats).

Seems like Zimmermann getting to truly enjoy that moment might be worth more than a gift card. But like I said, we don’t know how much it was for, so really I shouldn’t be judging – but in a way I am.

Best Buy, really? Although Souza did tell MLB.com that it was a useful gift for him,  

“He gave a gift certificate to help me out for my house. It was very thoughtful.”

Still, maybe it’s just me or the mood I’m in but it’s like, “Come on Zimmermann, you’re a two- time All-Star with a good salary so? Where’s the car?” lol. 🙂

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