Giancarlo Stanton on pace to hit 63 homers in a single season

Marlins Update: Stanton’s deal, plus Yelich, Ozuna & more

Update: November 17, 2014  

Stanton done deal. Also contract extension updates on Yelich, Ozuna and more

The “mega deal” contract extension between Giancarlo Stanton and the Miami Marlins has officially been finalized and will be announced on Wednesday, per Jon Heyman via Twitter,

The deal is for 13 years and $325 million. Stanton, 25, will have an opt-out clause at the age of 31 if the organization has not fulfilled promises to build a contender around the slugger. 

The Marlins are still working to sign infielder Adeiny Hechavarria, 25, and 22-year-old left fielder Christian Yelich to mutli-year deals. They’d also like to sign center fielder Marcell Ozuna, 24, and 22-year-old RHP Jose Fernandez long-term.

Adeiny Hechavarria. Drew Hallowell/Getty Images.
Adeiny Hechavarria. Drew Hallowell/Getty Images.

However, according to Heyman talks with Ozuna are “up in the air” and keeping Fernandez is looking more and more like a “long shot.” 

The Marlins want to build a winning team around and for Stanton, who has already increased their yearly payroll substantially, but there’s no real chance for them to retain everyone long term prior to their reaching free-agency.

Original Text: Nov. 14, 2014

Jon Heyman of CBS Sport‘s reports that sources close to the Miami Marlins have confirmed that 25-year-old superstar and 2014 National League MVP runner up Giancarlo Stanton have agreed to terms on what will be the largest contract in baseball history.

The terms of the $325 million, 13-year deal have been agreed upon by both parties but the language of the contract still needs to be finalized. 

Even though the deal is not yet complete, Heyman writes,

“Miami is on the verge of hitting a home run with a deal that breaks Alex Rodriguez’s record (for all of North American sports) with his $275 million deal with the Yankees.”

This is an unusual deal for a smaller market team like the Marlins to make but they made it clear from the day the season ended that Stanton would be their first and foremost priority.

The team has even reportedly included a no-trade clause AND an opt-out close to appease Stanton who wants to play for a contender. There were rumors that Stanton didn’t trust the Marlins completely in their pledge to build a World Series caliber team around Stanton.

Whether it was the accident in September that changed Stanton’s outlook on the contract or if the opt-out clause gave him more faith in the organization is unclear. But something swayed Stanton (it could also be the $25 million yearly salary) to remain in serious talks with the Marlins.

Giancarlo Stanton. Getty Images.
Giancarlo Stanton. Getty Images.

Stanton was injured with just 17 games left in the season when Milwaukee Brewers’ pitcher Mike Fier hit Stanton in the face with a fastball that got away from him.

According to, after spending days with his doctors, Stanton did acknowledge that if the pitch had hit him millimeters in a different direction, his injuries would likely have threatened the rest of his very promising career.

Stanton hit .288 leading the National League with 37 home runs, despite missing the final 17 games of the season. He likely could have taken the N.L. MVP title from Clayton Kershaw had he played those last 17 games.

You never really know about the award but Stanton is clearly a very valuable asset and as it appears currently he will be staying in Miami for likely the remainder of his still budding career in Major League Baseball.

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