Andrew Miller: 5 possible destinations for the free agent reliever

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Andrew Miller. Getty Images.
Andrew Miller. Getty Images.

29-year-old Andrew Miller transitioned from a starter, where he had very little success, to the bullpen in 2012 at the beginning of his second year with the Boston Red Sox.

His numbers have been steadily improving since the move to the bullpen. He prior to making he switch, Miller was 21-29 over six season with a 5.79 ERA. He averaged just 48 strikeouts during those six years.

In 2012 Miller’s ERA dropped to 3.35. In 2013? 2.84. He’s had as many strikeouts each year as a reliever as he did in entire seasons as a starter.

This season he averaged 14.7 strikeouts per nine innings pitched and posted a 2.02 ERA. With a sweeping slider and a plus fastball, Miller is not just a lefty specialist. He can retire righthanders just as easily.

Miller is arguably the best free agent reliever (and he’s a lefty!) on the free agent market this season.

He ‘s now taking a page out David Robertson‘s playbook is reportedly seeking a four-year deal.

He’d fit in on any of the next five teams that will be mentioned on my list, but whoever gives him the best offer in terms of length, money and the potential to move into the closer role at some point will be the one to win him over.

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