Yoenis Cespedes, Pablo Sandoval & the Boston Red Sox

Do the Red Sox really hate Cespedes? Is acquirig Pablo Sandoval an option for Boston?


The Boston Red Sox have two major story lines going on simultaneously. The first is that “all the coaches hate Yoenis Cespedes” and the second is that they are looking for a third baseman for 2015. Their prime target? The Panda, Pablo Sandoval.

Photo Credit: Michael Ivins/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Michael Ivins/Getty Images

The Red Sox have their eyes on a couple other third baseaman but first let’s address the Cespedes chatter.

New York Daily News writer Bill Madden was the one to write the words that became a headline on most websites “all the coaches hate Cespedes.” Madden writes that this is because of,

“his open disenchantment with Boston and his refusal to pay any heed to their coaches.”

While it is true that he isn’t always interested in taking instruction which may frustrate the Red Sox coaches, manger John Farrell addressed the issue on MLB Network radio during an interview saying,

“Totally surprised and completely off-guard. It’s unfortunate that a comment like that is made from elsewhere. We had two full months with Yoenis. I think you get a pretty good feel for a player or a person when you’re around them every day for the length of time in a given day that we are. We know him to be one thing, and that is a guy that works well. He became a very good and strong performer in the middle of our lineup.

We’re happy he’s here. We’re certainly looking forward to building a lineup with him in the middle of it next year. Completely unfounded and kind of a shame that someone would write something like that because we see him and from what we know of him is completely 180 degrees from what was written.”

I agree completely with HardballTalk’s Aaron Gleemans assesment of the situation when he writes,

“One, it’s not as if Farrell would ever say “well, yeah, it’s true we all hate Cespedes” even if it were true. And two, regardless of what they think of Cespedes as a person the Red Sox’s glut of outfielders could lead to them trading him with one season remaining on his contract and good but not great numbers over the past two years.”

I’ll just leave it at that. I could go on about how I think that Cespedes’ numbers are pedestrian and that I think that there’s a bit of truth to what was said but Gleeman summed it up well and we’ll stick with that.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Moving on to the Red Sox being on the hunt for a third baseman and the story is that they have their eye on the Giants’ soon to be free agent Pablo Sandoval. Remember the Hot Stove season officially begins tomorrow because tonight is do or die game 7 of the World Series!

The Giants have not made it a secret that they would like to keep Sandoval but he is reported ly looking for a contract of over $100 million which likely the Giants won’t want to pay. 

They will probably then offer him a qualifying offer which he will inevitably deny tying himself to a draft pick, making him less desirable as a free agent. But the Red Sox may be willing to forgo a draft pick to get Sandoval.

They got very little production out of the hot corner this year. Will Middlebrooks who played at third most often batted just .111 and I expected that the Red Sox want a lot more than that.

Sandoval hit .279 on the season and has always been great in the postseason for the Giants. Also, at only 28, they would be getting him while he’s still in his prime. Really, it’s not a bad deal for Boston.

However, they are also looking at the New York Yankees’ Chase Headley and the Milwaukee Brewers Aramis Ramirez. Although both options seem unlikely to be let go by their current teams.

Ramirez and the Brewers have a mutual option of $14 million with a $4 million dollar buyout. The team will probably exercise that option. If Ramirez doesn’t go for it the team would likely offer him a qualifying offer of $15.3 million which Ramirez would likely take, plus it has been said that he would prefer to stay in Milwaukee. So more than likely he will since the team wants him back as well.

Photo Credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Chase Headley will be a free agent. He was traded to the Yankees from the San Diego Padres midseason so the Yankees will not be able to extend to him a qualifying offer. Still they are said to want to resign Headley, meaning they have doubts about the return of Alex Rodriguez because honestly no one really knows what to expect to find when he returns.

There have also been rumors that the Yankees may want to move A-Rod to first base, again meaning that they will likely do their best to re-sign Headley. Regardless, it looks as though Sandoval is Boston’s best  and most available choice.

The Red Sox have the money to pay him what he wants and if they are willing to give up a draft pick then look for Sandoval to be in a Red Sox uniform by spring training.



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