What did Jose Canseco do this time? smh.

Photo Credit: Brian Bahr/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Brian Bahr/Getty Images

First it was being pulled over for having goats in diapers in his car … ok, well, we all know that Jose Canseco’s antics go back much father than earlier this year and involve worse things than goats but now Canseco is making headlines again for  …. wait for it …. I’ll get there in a second …

Known best for his time with the Oakland Athletics as one of the “Bash Brothers” alongside Mark McGwire, Canseco hit 462 Career home runs.

A six time All-Star, Canseco last played in the big leagues in 2001 for the Chicago White Sox. 

He’s also known for his book on Major League Baseball’s problems with performance enhancing drug (PED) use titled: “Juiced.”

He’s also been known for acting somewhat erratically and seemingly always getting caught while doing so (see the goat incident above  – I for one don’t want to know what he had or was going to do with those goats – just saying). 

Oh and he also had some kind of reality show that I never knew was on until after it had been cancelled.

Such is the insane life of Jose Canseco. So what’s the story on what Canseco has done now – I’m sure you were wondering if I would ever get there but here it is …

Tuesday afternoon police were summoned to Canseco’s Las Vegas residence because he accidentally shot himself in the hand. Does that really surprise anyone? Naw. Is it still kinda funny? Yeah. Do I feel bad for laughing? Kinda.

Here’s the scoop according to ESPN.com,

“Metro police Lt. Mark Reddon says officers responded to a call of an accidental shooting Tuesday afternoon. Reddon says Canseco told police he was cleaning his gun in the kitchen when it fired, shooting a finger on his left hand. He was taken to University Medical Center of Southern Nevada.”

Yeah that whole part is kind of boring which is why I quote ESPN instead of talking about it myself. But you have to admit that Jose Canseco’s life is never, ever boring and that we never really bore of reading about what he’s done next!

10555191_10154435100335026_691340791_n**On a personal note – I had the opportunity to meet Canseco over the summer and whatever anyone may think he seems like he’s actually a really nice guy.

He had even apologized to a lot of the people he’d hurt over the years which is why he felt comfortable coming to the 1989 World Series 25th Anniversary celebration which is where I was able to meet him.

And no matter what he has done since baseball, it was still extraordinarily cool to be greeted, talked to and able to get a picture with one of my childhood heroes – and like I said he was really nice, even complimented me on my socks – saying that they were “cool and that we should have worn socks like yours when I was playing.” 🙂**


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